Norfolk Entrepreneur and Blogger Benicia Hernandez Gill to Conduct Free Life-Balance Workshop, Nov. 9

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(Norfolk, Virginia, Oct. 29, 2019) – Business owner, entrepreneur and blogger Benicia Hernandez Gill knows what it means to find balance in life. As a single mom at 16, she juggled high school studies while caring for her daughter. After graduation and the birth of her son, she simultaneously waited tables, attended college and nurtured her growing family. All the while, she stayed focused on her goals of earning two college degrees, gaining experience in her field and opening her own business, which she accomplished at age 38.

Gill hopes to help other young women find the equilibrium they may need to pursue their dreams, when she conducts a special workshop on “How to Live a Balanced Life” as part of the Tidewater Community College Blackboard 2 Boardroom Career and Professional Development Conference, Saturday, Nov. 9, at the Virginia Beach campus.

“If I can find balance, anyone can,” said Gill, a licensed professional counselor and owner and CEO of Life’s Journey, a full-service mental health agency located in Norfolk.

With a deep understanding that every individual can benefit from support along life’s diverging pathways, Gill has dedicated her career to helping others achieve the best life that they can. Last year, she began writing about her experiences on a blog and website, “Best Life by Benicia.”

“I started the blog to provide that little push to the community I see around me:  Women searching for peace and balance, teenagers struggling to find their way, and those who want to better themselves,” Gill said. “I’m hoping it will resonate with anyone approaching a crossroads in their life or looking for encouragement and inspiration in taking the next steps on their life’s journey.”

For the no-cost TCC event, Gill will present an original workshop that focuses on seven steps for achieving a balanced life, from reaffirming one’s belief and values to tracking their daily routine and identifying what’s missing. The workshop also is available on her website, by invitation.

Presented by the TCC Women’s Advisor Council in collaboration with TCC’s Women’s Center, the Blackboard 2 Boardroom conference is designed for students nearing graduation, alumni and local residents with an interest in professional development. It will feature concurrent workshops covering career direction, intergenerational communication and how to have a social media presence, and includes a professional etiquette luncheon.

For details and to register, visit; search for “Blackboard 2 Boardroom.” The conference runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

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