Let Life’s Journey be your trusted partner for comprehensive life improvement services. As your behavioral health provider, you can be confident knowing that your choices lead in receiving personalized mental health services. We are committed in helping you achieve all that you aspire to be on your road towards emotional health and wellness.


Our Mission

Life’s Journey believes that we are all on our own personal journey in life. Life’s Journey focuses on promoting individuals achieving their most fulfilled life. Life’s Journey understands that we can all benefit from support along our journey and Life’s Journey is committed to working collaboratively with persons served in order to achieve and improve quality of life. Life’s Journey will provide quality mental health, substance abuse, and wellness services to the community focusing on self-empowerment to ensure the highest quality for individuals and their families. Life’s Journey will provide a holistic strengths-based approach using person-centered treatment planning.

Our Core Values

  • Right to be informed of treatment models
  • Right to be an integral part of treatment team
  • Right to advocate for treatment interventions
  • Right to be educated on mental health resources
  • Right to inclusive treatment

Our Vision

 All individuals and families in the Hampton Roads area will be able to easily access choice mental health, substance abuse, and wellness services in their local communities.

Our Promise to You

It is our diligent intention to create a comfortable, friendly, and safe environment where we will work together to achieve your goals.

Our Philosophy

Life’s Journey’s belief is that while every individual is living a journey through life a helping hand can make all the difference in living a happier and more productive life. This is based on the belief that every individual is entitled to strive to live to their highest ability to function with the goal of emotional stability. Life’s Journey understands current societal stressors and acknowledges the importance of an appropriate support system. Life’s Journey will provide mental health, substance abuse, and wellness services while acting as an advocate for social change within the population of individuals with seriously mentally ill disabilities. At Life’s Journey each individual will be placed with a counselor that can meet their needs on a personal and professional level. Life’s Journey, is an ethical agency that systematically abides by the human right regulations and all other ethical and confidential guidelines. When unethical situations occur our highly trained and professional staff will report the inappropriate actions to the appropriate community agency. Life’s Journey is a caring organization that seeks to expand the opportunities and possibilities for the individuals we serve.

Our Founder

Life’s Journey founder Benicia Hernandez Gill is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Approved Clinical Supervisor and Consultant. She has worked in the Behavioral Health Field in a variety of clinical settings for more than 10 years. Benicia’s vision was to develop an organization with a focus on empowering individuals and families to be an integral part of their mental health treatment. She believes partnership with consumers is paramount to achieving long term recovery and success in mental health treatment. As such, she has envisioned a company where consumers lead in selecting their comprehensive behavioral health care.

Life’s Journey was born from a construct in which a behavioral health provider can serve as a support system for consumers and they benefit from having a team of mental health professionals collaborate along their own life’s journey. We are a licensed mental health agency focused on empowerment, access to care, and providing evidenced based treatment interventions to individual and families. We are proud to have received our Small, Women-Owned, and Minority-Owned Business (SWaM) certification from the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD). Life’s Journey is committed to providing services that focus on enhancing our client’s quality of life and expanding their ability to meet the needs and demands they encounter on a daily basis. Benicia and the Life’s Journey team is always striving to improve and provide the highest quality of mental health treatment.

With a deep understanding that every individual can benefit from help along life’s diverging pathways, Benicia has dedicated her career to helping others achieve the “best life” that they can. With the launch of Best Life by Benicia, she has extended her outreach as a Life Journey Coach, blogger, speaker and advocate for women looking to transform their lives.